Recent work at Litmus (prototypes)

Real stuff: clickable Figma prototypes of the features I've been working on recently.

Multi-step approval workflow
Passwordless proofing
Organizing modules
Modules in Visual Editor

New Litmus Platform

A daring redesign of the email testing platform, merging separate tools into one experience. Led user research, design, and coding. "Daring" is too bold a word, the redesign was driven by user research, focus groups at the Litmus Live conference in three locations, and tons of interviews. Though the change is big, and necessary. Exciting times. Oh, here is a blog post where Whitney covers the changes better than I would.

Email Summary
Email Builder
Email Inbox
Proofing tool

Litmus Design System

A set of illustrations used in "Illustration" component in Litmus Design System

Litmus Homepage redesign

Visit page

Carefully crafted and tested home page. My work included research, illustrations, icons, micro-copy, design, usability testing and coding.


New Litmus Platform promotion page

Visit page

The page morphed a few times from "Exclusive Beta" to "New Litmus Platform". My work included the usual: micro-copy, illustration, design and coding.


Litmus Press Page

Press page accumulates all the latest news, updates, and resources from Litmus. My work included micro-copy, illustration, design and coding.