Hi, my name is Igor. I am a full-stack designer (a designer who researches, designs, writes and codes) building products and teams since 2004. Currently I'm a Principal Product Designer at Litmus working remotely from Toronto (Canada), Zadar (Croatia), Grodno (Belarus), Thessaloniki (Greece).

I am UX certified by Nielsen Norman Group with UX Management specialty.

I am a big advocate for the user and for the team. Every product is built for the user, and collaboration is a key component of building a great product. At the same time, I am a big advocate for business. I challenge best practices, experimenting and weeding out what doesn’t work. I am working on my own products solving user problems, always learning along the way and improving my design processes. Building my own products helps me to get experience in the areas I am not comfortable with, and innovate.

I have a perfect blend of expertise in user experience, visual design, illustration, and animation.

What my clients say

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Igor on several projects, both personal and professional. Igor’s ability to generate concepts consistently leaves me in awe, and his dedication to finding the best solution, not just ‘a’ solution, is what sets him apart from many other designers and creatives. The only reason I’m hesitant to recommend Igor is that I don’t want him to be booked up when I want to team up with him again.

— Rob Mann, Head of Communities, Crew

Igor was fantastic to work with. I couldn't be happier with the finished product. From the moment we started discussing the project, Igor came with great enthusiasm and amazing ideas. On top of that, he could also execute on the ideas above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend working with Igor.

— Ashley Read, Founder, PostReach

Igor is a pleasure to work with and a true artist. He brought great ideas and a point of view to the table during the idea phase, was great at communicating and revising based on feedback, and executed everything above my expectations.

— Josh Hubball, Founder, Level Frames

Igor was great - he delivered beyond my expectations and I can't wait to work with him again! One of the best outsourcers I've ever dealt with.

— Jason Gill, Founder, Pressley